Sudo Hits Relaunches with Online Distribution for Artists

Six months after launch, Sudo Hits relaunches and unveils online global music distribution for
artists. Being the first South Sudanese global music distribution and label services company,
Sudo Hits does more than just online music distribution, it offers an all-in-one package that
helps solve the fundamental commercial and artistic needs of South Sudanese musicians.
Among the many services provided by Sudo Hits are digital music distribution, artist
consultation, content management, PR, playlist promotion, mixing and mastering, and many

Sudo Hits, which was officially launched in September 2021, was founded by entrepreneur and
music consultant Macram Ramba, who is a South Sudanese, based in London, United
Kingdom. Sudo Hits have undergone lots of evolution during its short but remarkable journey in
the South Sudanese music industry. The newest feature accompanying this relaunch is the
ability for artists and labels to sign up by themselves and submit their music for global digital
distribution. Before this, artists and record labels could not sign up, log in, and submit their
music by themselves. With this new feature, music artists can distribute their music to the globe,
have access to expansive and detailed analytics in order to track their growth. Also, artists get
not only to pay themselves, but they also have the option of choosing their preferred payment
methods and also creating split payments. In order to give artists the needed push not just
globally but also within Africa, Sudo Hits have partnered with Audiomack and Boomplay Africa.

With one of their operational mottos being “by us, for us,” Sudo Hits have brought together a
team of passionate professionals who not just understand the dynamics of the global music
industry but are also passionate about the development and propagation of South Sudanese
music talents. These professionals have come together to demystify and simplify global music
distribution – a process that had always remained a sort of mystery and ‘hard nut’ for many
upcoming South Sudanese music acts. Sudo Hits allows you to distribute and sell music on top
global platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Boomplay, Amazon Music, Google
Play Music, Tidal, Deezer, iHeartRadio, and many others. This way, South Sudanese musicians
can more than just music promotion and international exposure – they will also be able to make
money from their music.

With a music distribution network and reach that reaches the farthest ends of the world, Sudo
Hits gives its artists access to hundreds of millions of listeners monthly. Artists get access to
these amazing benefits by paying as little as $2.99 per single and $9.99 per album yearly. Also,
artists get to give only 10% commission on sales while keeping 100% of their copyright. Also,
Sudo Hits can help pitch your music to editors/curators on Apple Music, Spotify, AudioMack,
Deezer, Boomplay, and many more. It is a fact that landing on a good playlist can help artists to
generate more streams and exposure. Sudo Hits can also help artists and labels secure
placements in some independent playlists.

Sudo Hits provides a working commercial solution for both independent musicians and record
labels. With a database of over 500+ South Sudanese DJs and radio presenters globally, music
promotion and PR have never been better handled. Also providing artistic and technical
services like mixing and mastering, consultation, and playlisting, Sudo Hits is bent on making
music promotion and monetization simple and accessible for South Sudanese musicians and

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