Single Dee goes all out in his new single ‘Jar Hawa’

South Sudanese artist Single Dee has released his new single ‘Jar Hawa’. Remarkable for being one of the consistent talents from South Sudan, he has mastered the art of R&B music with a Sudo touch to it, in all his projects.

The title of the song, ‘Jar Hawa’, is a representation of the message that Single Dee is expressing, from an Arabic phrase to mean, “I don’t need no problems”.  It is a product of the COVID-19 lockdown, which also happened to be the hardest time he has faced as an artist.

I had no support, no shows; my ex left for reasons I could not get. No one cared! All they were saying was, ‘he is done musically’,” Dee narrates, adding that the song became a motivation for him to go through the lockdown without any help.  “Amma stay in my stainless lane with no Jar Hawa.

The song is produced by Shako on the beat and it is his version of the Junubin Anthem, a rhythm from which a number of artists have composed songs. Single Dee recalls that everyone expected an emotional love song given his musical style but he surprised them with a different direction in the song. 

Able to speak his truth in an original way, the new release has also helped Single Dee to express himself more freely to his audience than ever before. 

From the first day I started music, I have always wanted to deliver a message and there is no song that I actually express or say who I am as with the release of Jar Hawa. I hope I can connect more with my fans to let them know am one of them and of course, I also don’t need the Jar Hawa,” he says.

‘Jar Hawa’ is Single Dee’s second single of 2022 and it comes in months after the release of his love ballad, ‘Habibi’. He affirms that he is working on an EP that he will deliver when the time is right.

Stream/Listen: Jar Hawa – Single Dee

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