Kxido debuts his first single titled ‘Dala’

dala kxido

South Sudanese Afro-fusion singer, songwriter, and producer, Kxido (pronounced Kaido) is introducing himself to the music scene with a catchy and groovy first single called ‘Dala’. 

The song, a mix of Arabi Juba and English, is produced by Shako pon de beat & Prince P and is formed out of an Arabic word that directly translates to showing off or feeling yourself, inspired by a romantic story.

The story involves a girl that constantly tries to play hard to get but eventually wants to be loved. So she feels herself (Dala) but at the end of the day still wants the love for herself,” Kxido says.

‘Dala’ is not only an exciting new single, it is a new beginning for Kxido, who is determined to make waves in the music industry; having started off his career at the beginning of the year by signing under Stainless Music. 

The deep unique voice tone that Kxido gives it rhymes perfectly with the Afro-beat making it a tune worth dancing to. 

In a recent interview with Sudo Hits, he revealed that he felt it was the perfect time to release the single because of the big gap currently in the music industry. 

The fact that people are actually hunting for a new sound to lift the Junub music higher. I feel this sound speaks for itself.

With a debut single now to his name, Kxido asserts that there is more music on the way as well as an EP in the works.

Stream: Dala – Kxido

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