Jaybliz returns with sensational rap song, ‘Inner Demons’

After experiencing a two-year break from music, South Sudanese rapper Jaybliz has released a new single, titled Inner Demons. The new song is Jaybliz’s tale of a battle with inner demons and overcoming depression in the period he was off the scene.

In the song, he speaks that no matter how good life can look like from the outside, one can still go through humane life obstacles like everyone else. He says he went through several life experiences that helped develop his understanding of life and made him see life from a different angle.

Besides being a song based on a personal story, the production (too) took place in Jaybliz’s own room.

It took me about 2 hours to put everything together, from the beat selection, writing the lyrics and putting the vocals on the beat,” he says.

Jaybliz, currently based in the United Kingdom, made his debut in 2016 and has never looked back since then. He only took a break after the release of his top single, Lord Forgive Me – for which, he says, he has no regret of the decisions made so far.

I honestly wouldn’t change much on my musical journey and that’s because everything I did wrong, I learnt a lesson from it, and it helped me grow in one way or the other. But if there was one thing I would change it would be to improve the quality of my production.

Although there have been no projects since 2020, Jaybliz is confident of getting a couple of tracks delivered in the near future. 

I’m looking to drop an EP in the near future. I’m not really a fan of dropping many tracks at once but it’s only right to do that since I haven’t released music in a while.

Jaybliz capped up the song release with a captivating video, that you can watch on YouTube (via the link below). 

Stream/Listen: Inner Demons – Jaybliz

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